Navigating Legal Challenges with Limited Scope Representation at MPC LAW

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At MPC LAW, we believe in reshaping legal services to be as approachable as a chat with a friend. Our approach to Limited Scope Representation (LSR), also known as Unbundled Legal Services, as set out in Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure (3(B)), exemplifies this vision, offering a cost-effective solution for those facing financial legal challenges on a budget.

Understanding LSR:

LSR, an innovative legal service model, allows clients to engage an attorney for specific legal tasks rather than full-service, comprehensive representation. This approach is particularly beneficial in financial cases where full representation costs might exceed the amount in controversy.  

For instance, consider a credit card default case where the amount in controversy is $2000 plus interest.  On these facts, paying an attorney $200-400 per hour to resolution can be intimidating.  But, with LSR, you can engage an attorney to draft just an answer, assist with negotiation, or defend a summary judgment motion for an agreed upon flat rate that better corresponds to the amount in controversy. 

For MPC LAW, LSR supports our vision of breaking down barriers and reshaping perceptions for cost-effective, attainable, legal guidance.

Advantages in Financial Legal Matters:
  • Targeted Legal Assistance: LSR focuses on critical areas of your case, providing legal guidance where it’s needed most.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By limiting the scope of services, MPC LAW can offer more affordable legal assistance, aligning with our vision of cost-effective legal solutions.
  • Preventing Default Judgments: Targeted support helps prevent default judgments in collection lawsuits, offering a strategic advantage, and much needed time to settle.
MPC LAW’s Unbundled Approach:

MPC LAW leverages unbundled legal services, or LSR, to increase access to justice. This innovative method aligns with our values of transparency and accountability, ensuring you receive only the services you need, thereby reducing costs.

Conclusion: Empowering Clients and Reshaping Perspectives with LSR

Navigating financial legal challenges doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With MPC LAW’s Limited Scope Representation, you get tailored, cost-effective legal assistance backed by a firm committed to integrity and innovation. Don’t let legal complexities deter you; let MPC LAW be your guide and partner in overcoming financial legal hurdles. Contact us for a consultation and experience legal services redefined.

Discover more about how MPC Law can assist you with LSR by visiting our Unbundled Legal Services Page at:

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