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MPC LAW is committed to defending tenant rights, offering specialized tenant rights representation. Led by our tenant rights attorney, Matt Curry, our firm provides comprehensive legal support to ensure fair treatment and justice for tenants.
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Knowing your tenant rights is crucial to understanding the legal boundaries and obligations in your landlord-tenant relationship. Being informed about these rights helps you protect yourself from unfair practices, ensures your living environment is safe and habitable, and provides a framework for resolving disputes. Understanding your tenant rights also means you can assert them effectively, whether it’s about maintenance issues, lease terms, security deposit returns, or eviction processes. Knowledge of these tenant rights offers peace of mind and legal leverage to address issues proactively, safeguarding legal rights for tenants.

As a tenant rights attorney, Matt Curry is here to help prevent and address issues before they escalate.


Security Deposit Recovery

We assist in recovering wrongfully withheld deposits, upholding legal rights for tenants.

Maintenance and Habitability Issues

We advocate for your right to a safe living environment, addressing maintenance challenges.

Legal Representation in Disputes

We specialize in resolving tenant disputes, and providing comprehensive tenant rights representation.

Our Process

Initial Consultation

Our process begins with a crucial initial consultation where we listen to your concerns and understand the details of your security deposit recovery issue. This step is vital for crafting a personalized strategy for your case.

Thorough Case Evaluation

We review the facts to support your claim for deposit recovery and present tailored security deposit solutions.

Tailored Legal Strategy

At MPC LAW, we believe in tailoring our legal strategies to the unique aspects of each case. Your situation is unique, and we create a tailored security deposit solutions strategy that suits your specific needs and objectives.

Fair Treatment Advocacy

Throughout the recovery process, we advocate for fair treatment and the rights of tenants. Our goal is to secure your rights and ensure a just outcome.



Facing tenant issues can be daunting, but with MPC LAW’s tenant rights representation, you’re not alone. If you need a tenant rights defense lawyer, contact Matt Curry for a free consultation and let MPC LAW protect your tenant rights.

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Matt Curry is not just an attorney and MPC LAW is not just a law firm; we’re advocates for individuals like you who find themselves facing the daunting prospect of collections lawsuits. We're here to level the playing field and guide you on a clear path forward.

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