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Matt Curry, the driving force behind MPC LAW, is not your typical attorney. He's a legal advocate with a profound calling to serve individuals facing financial challenges. Matt's journey is a testament to the belief that life often leads us down unexpected paths, and it's our response to those moments that defines our purpose.


Matt's career began on the other side of the legal divide. For close to two decades, he served as Plaintiff's counsel, prosecuting foreclosures for banks and non-bank servicing companies and handling collection actions for various financial institutions. It was an eye-opening experience that gave him a unique and invaluable perspective.

But Matt knew his true calling lay elsewhere. He recognized that his mission was not to advance the interests of financial giants, but to stand alongside those facing financial distress, to defend their rights, and to help bring relief to their lives.


At MPC LAW, we understand that choosing the right attorney is a crucial decision. Potential clients often look for specific qualities in an attorney, and we're proud to embody those qualities that matter most. Here's why MPC LAW is the right fit for you:
Timely Response
We know that your legal concerns require prompt attention. Our commitment to timely responses ensures that you're never left waiting for answers or guidance. Your peace of mind is our priority.
Understanding the Process
Our years of experience have given us deep insights into the legal process. We'll guide you through every stage, providing clarity and confidence as we move forward together.
Answers to Your Questions
Your questions matter, and we're here to provide answers. We encourage open communication and will address your concerns promptly and comprehensively.
Easy to Understand
Legal jargon can be intimidating. We excel in making complex legal concepts easy to understand. We'll walk you through the process step by step, ensuring you're always in the know.
Knowing the Next Steps
Clients often want to know what comes next. With MPC LAW, you'll always be informed about the next steps in your case. We'll help you prepare for what lies ahead.
Flat Fee Billing Structure
Flat fee billing is a reflection of our dedication to your success, ensuring you can trust us to handle your foreclosure or collection matter with both expertise and financial clarity.

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It was a very positive experience working with Matt at MPC Law. The immediate response at a critical time was greatly appreciated. At every juncture he was informative and responsive. At the end of the process, which was a success, we were not only pleased by the outcome but also by the way we were treated. 10/10 in professionalism, attitude, and performance.
- Stan J.
I contacted MPC Law about a medical debt. Matt Curry resolved the issue short of a lawsuit. Throughout the entire process he was very prompt and the communication was consistent.
- Andy M.

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More than a law firm: a trusted partner known for knowledge and results.
We stand by our work, valuing growth over excuses.
Honesty guides us; we’re forthright and constantly optimizing.
Clear, effective communication is our hallmark, always putting clients first.
We listen, collaborate, and value informed client choices.
Expertise backed, we’re consistent in every legal approach.
Beyond transactions, we prioritize legacy and long-term partnerships.
Embracing cutting-edge technology, we’re always advancing.

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